Seacliffe Avenue House

Auckland, 2004

This project was borne out of a desire to maximise views from the spectacular clifftop site which overlooks the Hauraki Gulf and Rangitoto Island. The client brief was for a functional family home with guest suite and a variety of entertaining spaces and the client was clear that the views of neighbouring properties not be obstructed in the construction of the house. Originally conceived as a renovation, it was decided that demolishing and rebuilding from scratch allowed greatest potential for making the most of the limited space available on the steep slope.

The design steps down from the entrance at the uppermost level which includes three bedrooms, to the main level below which contains entertaining spaces and a separate family room, office and bathroom. This central open-plan level opens up onto a deck, pool and outdoor entertaining area with large areas of glazing and views towards the water. The lowest level contains the guest suite and steps out onto a private landscaped courtyard also looking out towards the Gulf.

The house contains a mix of enclosed spaces nestled into the side of the slope, and open spaces which push out towards the Gulf and allow occupants to experience the excitement of changing weather conditions from the comfort of indoors.